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Old 1st October 2015
Here for the gear

I'm just a newbie... :'( help?

(I'm a brazilian girl and I do speak english, but I'm really sorry if I make any mistakes on technical terms and stuff)

So, I'm a huge fan of TRAP music, EDM, Chillstep and eletronic music in general. Lately I've been working on a DJ carreer but what I really wanna do is to produce eletronic music, specially trap.
Thing is: I'm kinda lost
I've been practicing and trying to learn all that I can about sound design, mixing, etc on my own. But, I think you guys know how hard that can be. So, if you can, please help me. I'd really love to have someone to guide me through this tough beginning.

What I wanna know is:
- How can I learn about sound design without taking any courses? (I live in Brazil's capital, Brasilia and we don't have much resources for that here)
- What kind of equipments I have to buy first?
- How can I understand more about the eletronic music scene and market?
- Any tips and help are very welcome
Thank you