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I want to thank Gearslutz and everyone who wrote in questions (and to all that read them!). i had fun doing this and I hope I could shine a small light on my career . I tried to be as precise as I
possibly could in the light of the time span involved. Personally I can't remember what I was doing last Wednesday and it was tough to remember back sometimes 35 years . I did give accurate information and I did not embellish any answers . I know this site is about gear however let me stress that the tools are only a small part of it. A bad technician with
the best gear can only fail. The heart in making good recordings is in the people involved. Equipment comes and goes . Remember I started making records before we had SMPTE, computers,
MIDI , samples , Pro tools on and on . What we had though was imagination, talent and HARD WORK! These essential ingredients have not nor will ever change. I always tell new engineers that
instead of drooling over what you don't have (equipment wise ) learn to REALLY LEARN with WHAT YOU HAVE. There will NEVER be a piece of gear (or plug in ) that will make a bad engineer who
does not really understand how sound works be able to make even passible recordings. Last thing , Good Luck to everyone and always try t push the envelope! Cheers , Dave Jerden