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First , drugs suck. There is no glamour in drug use . Saying that , there is what I call the "cool" factor that is unquantifiable. I have made records I thought were as good as any record I have
ever made however (for what ever reason ) the band did not click because of this undefinable lack of "something" I could not provide in the sound alone (and NO I will not mention names and
YES maybe the record just sucked ).I love the Rolling Stones and it was my goal to work with them. It was because of their music however and not anything else. Having worked with them and
personally getting to know them as people I can tell you they are GREAT GUYS and only having worked with them do I know WHY they became so famous. Everyone in that group is a special
person . The kind of personality that can light up a room. These are very smart and witty guys who always know the score and (believe it or not ) do not take themselves too seriously thinking
they somehow better than anyone else. They work extremely hard and to top it off have the TALENT to back it all up! Image is part and parcel of the entertainment world and I have been attracted (and put off ) by an artist or bands image . One thing I have learned is not to make a judgement based solely on image.