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Old 17th February 2007
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So's High Hats

Hi Kevin.
Greetings from Costa Rica!

I have always regarded So as a staple on sound engineering and have been a kid at the candy store with all of your previous (and straightforward) answers on the topic. Thanks!

I just wanted to bother you a little more about that:

One of the sounds that has, and keeps, on surprising me everytime I listen to the album is the very natural, realistic and crisp high hat sounds.
I realize that it comes (obviously) from the incredibly talented drummers involved and their groovy playing's riding of the track, but I wanted to know what was your approach to capturing the high hats, and the concept on the mix and sound... It seems to me that you chose to pan them mostly center, many times they are the only totally natural sounding instrument on the mix and I perceive a great difference in layer than the overheads... I understand that those are artistic decisions, but I would nonetheless be very grateful to read your thoughts on the subject for that album, and how you generally regard the subject on high hat tracks now.

Thanks again!