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Originally Posted by Mike O View Post
I attempted to acknowledge your disclaimer, but still don't understand what if any point you made:

What I understand you to be saying: "I'm keeping my 67 because most people can't tell the difference and a Tele Elam or Gefell 92 is on par or a better mic anyway." And a direct quote: "Do you really need to spend the extra money on a collector's item?"

Alrighty then...........if I understand correctly, some interesting logic there.

And now you add Tele 251s and UM 92s into the discussion. A 251 is really NOTHING like a 67. While both are fantastic they are certainly not "interchangeable". If your point is that the U67 is not the best mic for all sources then I'm sure everyone can agree but still don't understand why they are now be interjected.

But hey it's 2015 on GS. What can one expect? No money to be made in the industry (by and large) so the new consensus is "you can't tell the difference anyway". Or can you? Because I'm keeping mine!

And yes I agree "performance" is the most important. But that really doesn't having anything to do with whether one mic or another is best on a particular source in a particular situation or is "more useful on more sources" than another mic.
Alright, I'm going to as direct as I can and hope the moderator doesn't think I've gone too far but some people really need to see it spelled out.

For the time being I'm keeping my U67. I like this mic. I like it a lot. BUT I DIDN'T PAY $11,000.00 FOR IT! In today's US dollars, I payed less than half that. I bought it just a few years ago. GS and other sites by no fault of their own have been hyping these mics far beyond their worth lately. These things are tools, just devices to get the results we need. To borrow a phrase from the guitar world, "Are you a player or a collector?"

Of course these high end mics are to a degree interchangeable. They're all great mics at a certain level and for most voices most will work. This boutique thinking is just silly, "which mic pre will work best with by blah blah mic. I don't think this compressor's appropriate for my blah blah pre." Just silly stuff. Every once in a while there's a voice we identify with a particular mic, but for the most part, people are still thinking inside the box. This person sounds a little like Sinatra so a U47 would be the best mic. This person's Streisand like so maybe we need an M-49. Innovators don't think this way.

There only three main reasons I can think of to why some one would buy a high end 5K+ mic:

1. Utility. "It's a good mic, it's a practical choice. I'll get the sonic results I'm after, I've always liked that sound and I can AFFORD IT."

2. Status. "My little basement studio is struggling. I need to find a way make myself look like the pros so I'll buy a flagship mic for my studio and everyone will know I'm a serious player. Especially me"

3. Client request. I once had an artist I wanted to work with and she said to me, " For the records I've done in the past, I found my voice really responds well to a U 47." So because I wanted to do this record for her, I picked up a U47 (plus maybe a little of #2 ). Also for less than half of the price of the U67 we've been discussing.

I'll say it again, there are far too many good mic choices available today to be sinking 11K into a U67. IT'S A WASTE OF ABOUT $5,000.

My apologies to the OP. My rant is not directed at you. I really hope you enjoy your new mic. I also hope you didn't buy it with a credit card at 20% interest.

Have I been clear Mike O?