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So, from my perspective, the iSK phones may be more what you're looking for in the mid/upper-mid to high for mixing, and the Senns may be more what your looking for in the bottom end. That's life, though: there are trade-offs in most things.

Now to the bang-per-buck quotient. In that regard, the iSK phones knock it out of the park, imho! If you're looking for an inexpensive set of closed-back headphones to wear for monitoring your recording, or for just listening to music, and this is your budget, then these are your phones, as far as I'm concerned. If you will be using them as your only source of listening to your mixes-in-progress, you make the call... I would not use these for that purpose because of the kindness of the bottom end and the potential of masking subtle parts in the lower mids. But, that's just me.

Having said all that, I love these headphones. They are pretty comfortable on my big head. They sound surprisingly good, and anyone - pretty much, I think - could swing a pair financially.
Since in my studio, I specialize in tracking/mixing vocals, the fact that these HD-9999 headphones excel "in the mid/upper-mid to highs" makes them quite appropriate for my use...I also think that singers may really like how they sound on these as they monitor their own vocal performance while tracking...anything that inspires a vocalist during tracking sessions is a big plus in my daily routine...I believe choosing the right mic and monitoring headphones for a vocalist is critical in getting the best performance from them...

So, on the other hand, anyone tracking their own vocals may also find them equally inspiring as well...very comfortable, good sonic sound-stage, with minimal leak if this price-point, they are clearly an outstanding value from my perspective...