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Don't get me wrong, I like my original U-67 (1965), but there are ways to get that sound without spending almost 12K on one mic.

I just did a mic shootout with a friend a few days ago. I had three versions of AKG C-414 (EB, B-ULS & XLII) and one of my vintage U 87's. With the XLII, I EQ'd a little 1.5db bump at 250Hz, a little db 1.5dip at 2K and the mic was completely indistinguishable from the 87. The 87 is 4X the cost of the 414, but it's not four times the sound.

Same thing applies to the U67. You could have a really great mic locker with so many different sounds for the price of the one 67. Unless you're independently wealthy or you just have to have those bragging rights, you're probably best to buy an old 87, bump it a little with EQ around 3k or pick up a tube conversion package for the mic and spend the rest of your 8-9k on something else. If you bought the 67, you'd be spending 9K to chase that last 1 or 2% of sound and that's IF the reissue is identical to the original series (I suspect it is).

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