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I used the Ecstasy for the "mid" amp and the Rockman for the top however for the bottom ( And here is where the big sound came from) I used a Bogner Fish Pre Amp ( Modified by Bogner)
with a VHT Amp and a Marshall cab with Vox Bulldog speakers for the Bottom. I use Sm57s to mic. To split the amps I used a Lucas Deceiver . I did not mix the amps but left them separate
to the end ( before mixing ) and Jerry "doubled" himself so there was 6 tracks of amps before mixing. The "trick" in mixing is to make crossover points with Hi pass Lo Pass filters. To this end
I mixed on an SSL console that has these filters on every module. For the low amp I set the low pass at only 300hz. The mid amp was 300hz to 4k and the high amp 4k to 8k cuttoff .I cut everything "Flat " however I did EQ the amps in the mix using a mild EQ curve from AMP to Amp.Phase is the big problem in using muti amps.
just wondering.. how do you pan those lo/mid/hi amps?