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@ kidvybes do you have any experience with or advice about any of the other microphones or capsules listed in post #3 above? I am particularly interested about whether the Stellar or Advanced Audio Capsules are up to par with the more expensive capsules. And nobody seems to have mentioned anything about the Peluso CEK-12. Any information on the respective quality of this capsule would be greeat too.

I am looking for a sound as close to the original C12 as possible, not a mic with a modernised C12 sound, and a mic with the C12VR sound.
...I have owned most of those (Stellar, AA, Avantone, etc)...

...the Stellar and Advanced Audio edge-terminated capsules are the same (pic below)...and they share backplate metalwork with the Peluso version (bolt-pattern was more recently revised on the Stellar/AA versions to differentiate from the Peluso version, as Peluso/Ruvalds commissioned the original design in China)...Chunger also sells that capsule on his "Studio 939" store-site... is not a "historically-correct" CK12, as it employs K67-style backplates in an edge-terminated does have isolated backplates like the's a very nice sounding capsule for the price (the best of the lesser-expensive edge-terminated capsules IMHO)...

...I have one of those same capsules in one of my C12/251 Mata-Chung clone builds and it is scheduled to go to Shannon Rhoades for proper capsule reskinning/re-voicing...

...if you want absolutely magnificent C12 sonic-clones built (not cosmetic clones, but "sonic" clones) then contact mic-tech maestro Shannon Rhoades at Mic Rehab in Nashville...his C12 and 251 restoration and clone-builds are outstanding...he maintains one of the largest collection of vintage originals at Blackbird Studios, Nashville...he designed the capsules for his brother's microphone line (Tracy Korby)...he builds C12 capsules from scratch, or re-machines the Chinese capsules, skins them with 1-micron mylar diaphragms and tunes them to match original versions he has in his shop...IMHO, the best capsule-tuning tech on the planet...he is currently building a pair using the Mata-Chung can contact Shannon via:

BTW, if you want someone (very reputable) who can build you a pair of the Mata-Chung or Bouchard C12 clones (at very fair rates), and has access to Campbell as well as other C12-type capsules, let me know and I will arrange the connection...

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