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The Campbell capsule, and the Heiserman capsules are both very close to original AKG CK12 designs (AKG had multiple versions of their edge-terminated capsule)...

The ADK T-FET and Z-Mod mics employ their own GK12d which was also my choice for one of my C12 clones (over the Campbell capsule)...the Campbell capsule is the more historically-correct, no argument...but when I listened to a few other identical builds with the TC capsule, I knew I made the right decision for my microphone...I preferred the top-end response on the GK12d in this particular application (Mata-Chung build)'s the creme-colored clone in the pics above...

...I've demoed Eric's capsule and Ben's capsules as well...I liked Eric's...but again, I preferred the GK12d...BTW, I know the man behind the "Australian Designed Capsule" and his edge-terminated capsules are exceptional sounding...I have a few of his other mic/capsule designs in my's not Ben from BeesNeez...this engineer in Australia designed the entire line of ADK Custom-Shop capsules, which are uniquely voiced...I also have their GK67d capsule in one of my M269c clones, and it sounds amazing...

...Robert Sestili, of RMS Audioworks in Chicago, employs the ADK Custom-Shop capsules as stock in his highly respected clone mics (with the option of swapping to a Campbell or Thiersch):

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