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Old 25th September 2015
Just replaced the stock electrolytic capacitors in my Apex 460 power supply with Nichicon PW filter caps, and Elna Silmic II for the rest. I was prepared to plug the mic in and have it sound the exact same as before, but it is far from it. The dimension of the mic really opened up, and there is no stuffy midrange anymore. Everything is very very detailed and smooth. I am almost tempted to leave the capsule stock, but I have an AA CEK-12 capsule that I tried to install but failed. I am waiting for a new saddle to come in, and then I'll see how it goes.

The capacitor swap in the Apex power supply made so much of a difference that I think I'm going to order new electrolytics for my Rode NTK (modded with an RK-47 capsule). I think swapping out those Hitano caps would get rid of the last bit of grain in the mic and give it a better sound stage.