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Thanks for your reply, but I'm not after a more modern sound. I have a lot of other mics for that sound. I really want to get as close as the AKG C12 as possible.

After some thought, I think I'm going to conceed my lazy DIYless idea because the value for money seems so much better going down the DIY route. I'm going to be brave and attempt to build a couple of C12 clones myself. Not your average first electronics project but oh well. You only live once.

The first thing I want to do is choose a great capsule. I've been looking at capsules online and have found these clones of the original C12 capsule (apologies if i have missed any):

In the following list items 1-7, except #5 are capsules on sale to the general public, 8 onwards are Fully Built C12 Microphones or 'everything included' DIY Kits

1) Beesneez CK12 ($445)
Used in: Beesneez Tribute 2 ($3250) and Beesneez Phelicity ($2125)

2) Tim Campbell CT12 Capsule ($377)
Used in: FLEA 12 ($4850) and FLEA 12 Vintage ($7300)

3) Eric Heiserman HK12 Capsule ($428 USD)
Studio 939 — Premium Microphone Capsules
Used in: ?

4) Advanced Audio Microphones AK12 Capsule ($99 USD)
AK12 Capsule | Advanced Audio Microphones
Used in: Advanced Audio CM12se ($845)

5) MBHO Capsule (Not sure which is C12 copy, maybe KA 1000 N) - not currently for sale to the public
MBHO GmbH Mikrofonbau Haun - state of the art microphones handmade in Germany (can't find price)
Used in: LeWilson 212 ($2350)

6) Peluso CEK-12 Capsule ($257)
Used in: not sure, perhaps Peluso P-12? ($1764)

7) ADK GK12 Capsule ($300)
Used in: ADK Custom Shop Vienna 12-T ($1495)

8) Avantone CV-12 (Not sure if Mic Capsule is available to purchase, but completed Mic only $500)

9) Stellar Audio CM-5 (Same factory as Avantone?, with a few better quality components, and a lower price)

10) openplanrecording (O.P.R) C-12 (Standard C12 model = $666, Deluxe Model =$1266, Ultralux Model = $1549)

11) Micshop MS12 - The Micshop website claims the MS12 "out C12s any C12!". ($4950)

12) JJ Audio Dutch (C12) - uses JJ12 Capsule ($1250)

13) 3U Audio Warbler MKIII - uses own capsule ($500)

14) Wunder Audio CM12 ($6995)

15) VM-212 from Saturn Sound (Price unavailable)

16) FLEA 12 ($3765)

17) Fox Audio Research (FAR) The 12 (Price unavailable), also available in a Premium edition; 'The C12+ Premium Edition' (Price Unavailable)

18) DIY S-12 Kit ($300)

19) Telefunken C12 (around $8000)

20) Cathedral Pipes Stephansdom - Discontinued?- (Price Unknown)

21) Matadors 'Official C12 Clone Build and Support Thread' at Official C12 Clone - Build and Support Thread is the most comprehensive instructional thread I have ever seen! I'm sure that might come in handy at some point.

Can anyone share any thoughts on the performance of these capsules? Which should I choose to get closest to the original AKG C12 Capsule?