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For me picking the right Mastering person is very, very important. I try to pick someone who is familiar with the genre the record is in. A lot of mastering persons today do a lot of Hip-hop
or dance type music and I want someone who knows rock. The last album I just finished , The Shrine, required a "rock" mastering engineer. So, I hired Maor Applebaum for mastering because
I had heard great things about him (concerning doing rock albums) and I was so happy with my choice! Maor nailed the sound I was after. A mastering engineer (for me) can really be key
in defining what the impact of a record will be. Maor asked me a lot of questions also before he did anything. He is also very intuitive . All his comments about the record were spot on.
I used to go to mastering however now I just listen to the results because mastering people know their room and if I make comments in their environment (they know so well ) I could be
way off base.