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I send the snare,Kick and toms to the P.A. I only do this on slow to mid tempo songs because on really fast tempo songs it would just be a blur! Also , I need a fairly large room to do this.
I am always aware of phase problems. For that reason I make sure to listen in mono. Also my ears are pretty good a hearing phase problems. One technique I use is to compare different tracks
to each other by looking at the VU meters. Lets say I am comparing the PA generated room mics to any other tracks . The rule I use is there must be a -9 signal between tracks . I also use the
3 to one rule where there must be a distance of 3 to one ratio between mics. Listening to tracks in mono is a must in recording. Any and all phase problems become totally apparent. The reason I
use a P.A. is to let the Kick,snare and toms "compete" with the cymbals on large drum setups . I use a P.A maybe on 20% of the recordings I do . It depends on the song, room and type of band.
By the way, when I recorded Mick Jagger's first solo record "She's the Boss" at Compass Point studio's in the Bahamas the room down there was small however to "get a Vibe' on some tracks
I put Sly Dunbar's drums thru a small P.A. I made up with JBL 4311's . There were 3 or 4 drummers on that gig however I only did the P.A. bit with Sly's drums because he plays so controlled
(not to mean soft ) . By the way, Sly and Robbie (Bass) are my favorite rhythm team. I have had the good fortune to work with them on several projects.