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INTERESTING QUESTION! I love my job. I get to the studio at about 11:30AM each day . I first talk to my crew about what my recording goals are for that day. I have anyone that has not had any breakfast make sure they eat and we all have coffee. I talk to the band/artist/musicians about what I plan doing for the day. We start recording about 2PM after everyone knows what to do
and has warmed up.If we are doing vocals I have the singer warm up with a piano doing some vocal exercises. We work until about 6PM then take a dinner break for an hour. We resume about
7PM and then work till 9 or 10PM. After that we make rough mixes and square away the studio. I get home about 11Pm. I try to stick to a schedule and work focused without doing "burnout"
sessions. The worst enemy is low energy therefore I don't try to make the whole record in a day. My productions usually work out that each song (including mixes ) takes 3 days (averaging)
By the way , if I am doing only one song , I can do THAT in one day !
Do you take the week-ends? Or a day off in the week?

I like that structure, it's not easy these days to have that!