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Hi Ignacio and thanks for the great question! My mixing style has not really changed although I of course (because of Pro Tools ) do things a little different today than i did when I mixed
Remain in Light. First of all, I mix at much lower volumes than I did back then . Back then i would use big main monitors whereas today I use small speakers. Today i mix at about 85db SPL
and I use several different speakers. I use NS-10's, Adams, PMC's and little KRK rockets 6''(my favorite ).When mixing (and here I am going to quote the great engineer Bruce Swedien ) I go
for "The Primitive" . Basically this means , what is the basic emotion in the mix am I REALLY TRYING TO ACHIEVE? I ask myself "What do I need, really need in the mix to make this mix work?"
As for myself, I never try to over record but try to figure out when recording what basically to I need to elicit the desired goal of the song.This is all, I know, philosophical stuff however for me
music production is 90% cerebral. The actual tools I use , albeit important , are secondary to whatever skill I have.
I do use master buss compression and always have. When I recorded the percussion on Remain in Light I used two 421's on the congas and two 421's for his hand held instruments.
I also had an 2 U7's (for stereo image ) overhead. I told the percussionist to feel free to play what he felt. I did several recording passes of percussion per song then I "bounced " the tracks
together in stereo. I never moved the mics to maintain the stereo image . When mixing songs that have a lot of dynamics I must plan my mix as to keep the low parts loud enough and not
"Blow out the mix" on loud parts of the mix. I do this by going between loud and soft parts of the song until I get a proper "average". Buss compression really helps also.