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I use the 121 on my Fender Twin from 1968 and my maple neck strat, and it's all I need. If I want a slightly brighter tone I use the back side of the mic as I do on acoustic guitars. Preamp choice is also very important with it. It's pointless to have a mic of this caliber if it's not paired with a top notch preamp. I either use it with an AEA rpq or the Meris 440. The kind of music I record is Americana/Blues and guitars are often clean or slightly overdriven. I doubt I'll ever use a 57 with it unless I'll be dealing with a very dark sounding guitar with rosewood fretboard and will need to really open up the sound. But again, the 57 is harsh on clean guitars and unnatural sounding. The placement of the 121 is indeed crucial, I usually keep it 9 inches away from the grill, right in front of the cone. This is one of the best mics ever made. If I could afford to, I'd probably use ribbons on everything except maybe on vocals.
I agree with what you said. Besides guitar cabs, the rear side is great for acoustic guitar. The 121 is also also great on trumpets and saxophone