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Old 22nd September 2015
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Thumbs up Current and Old Mixing setup

Hi Dave, I had never searched who mixed Remain in Light, but it is for sure one of the records I like the most both sonic and musically. Amazing stuff..

The percussion in The great curve is a sort of benchmark to me totally exciting and hypnotic sounds. It's great to be able to ask you some questions. This time some curiosity about your tech side of making records.

Would like to ask about which is your current mixing setup and how it was back then when you mixed that record, in terms of routing, grouping and bus processing, did you do lots of rides during mixing and tracking? Do you work or do some stuff ITB with plugins?

I always loved the dynamic range of those records, the music sounds solid but not compressed and the sound has some kind of air to it, the drums hits have impact and you never feel the volume is fighting the music, my favorite kind of mixes.

Do you monitor at high levels, multiple speakers?

How do you approach and plan the dynamics of a song to keep the groove going but make them explode in the chorus and still get competitive levels during the whole song? Do you use bus compression?

And well, finally, to take everything out of this opportunity, do you remember how did you record and mix the percussion on The Great Curve?

Thanks a lot for your time, sorry for the big question.