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Here for the gear


Thank you mathieujm, Polifonia, and JPGerard for your feedback and questions.

Polifonia, I forwarded your question to a client, who kindly provided us with CDs in the past, and today with the following answers and references. Thank you so much, Eduardo!

I hope this answers your questions a tiny bit, Polifonia. I see that you live in Poland, feel free to check out this review of MBHO mics:

All the best, Marcus

"I use mostly my MBHO modular mics (which I have two pairs of 604 bodies and one pair of 648, with many capsules) as ‘spot’ or close mics in my classical music and instrumental recordings. They mix very well in bigger setups with others like Sennheiser (MKHs), Neumann (KMs,Us), Schoeps, Josephson, Beyerdynamic, etc. They sound great for everything - strings, woodwinds, keyboards (piano, harpsichord, fortepiano), percussion, etc."

"Also I use them as stereo spot (small A-B pair) for solos, piano/hspch, or sections. I’ve got the fig8 capsule wich is great and I’ve also used as spot, but it excells as MS pair! The KA100LK linear omni capsules are ‘flat’ but not ‘dark’. I’ve used it as A-B main pair on smaller groups with great results and it takes post eq easily if you need more reach/focus. It even takes Neumann sound diffraction spheres/balls (SBK130#7370, old size/model) and that makes a great main pair for any situation. (unfortunatelly I don’t have the KA100DK diffuse field omni capsules to comment)."

"My linear omni, cardio, widecardio and hyper capsules are all matched (as my 604 and 648 bodies pairs) and I’ve never had any issue with them. These mics are great quality and I personally prefer 604+KAxxx to KM18x (my recording assistant too). I would also dare to say that their color or sound signature is in-between Schoeps and Neumann."

"My work reach is mostly local (broadcast, CDs). I'm not a fan of streaming or iTunes, it's begining to happen here in my country - but here are some recordings to show:

- Kans-Kanji - Beethoven Fortepiano & Cello:

Fortepiano spot is AB 604+cardios; cello is AB beyer mc930; room pair is AB 604+omnis+EQ

- CD Juliana D’Agostini & Emmanuele Baldini (young talented brazilian pianist & OSESP’s spalla): or

Violin spot is an array of 2 AB small pairs of 604s linear omnis + cardio

- Quinta Essentia Quarteto - Falando Brasileiro (recorder quartet):
(This is the CD teaser video (premix, very dry))

All 4 flute spots are MBHO 604 (cardios, widecardios)

CD Release is being replaced at Spotify because of label changes, will be up soon.

- Some other CD tracks (Trenzinho da Cantareira, Trenzinho do Caipira, Jura) can be found at:

"All these releases have other mics too (main pair, room pair, etc). I'm also a great fan of Sennheisers MKHs. But I like to have different mics and mic preamps, just like a painter needs different colors."