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The drums on Symbol were done like all my recordings. Here is a rundown of mics. D-112 and Neumann M49 -kicks , Sm57's top and bottom snare, 421's top and bottom Toms, 414's (3) overheads , U87's room mics. We used outboard API pre-amps. I recorded on an SSL so I used the SSL channel compressors on the Toms and Summit compressors on the overheads.For the room I used a Fairchild 670 stereo Compressor . 1176 on the kick and combined top and bottom snare mics. I also had a 451 mic on the ride cymbal (not compressed)
The M49 on the kicks (I used one ) was about 6 feet in front of the drums close to the floor. On this mic I used a Telefunkin U73b compressor. I cut drums with little or no EQ. My EQing is
mostly High Passing the overheads and adding some mids to the kick for "snap" . I use the filters on the SSL for this and API 550's for any kick and snare EQ'S.