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When it comes to songwriting I do make suggestions. I may suggest a bridge is needed or to add additional choruses or even change some lyrics to make the intention of the song more clear.
Having said this my overall philosophy is NOT to interfere ,if possible, with anything the songwriter has initially written. I know some producers seem to want to change things just to (as I put it)
"piss on it. In other words, to change the song just to say they did. I always get involved in the arrangements however to make sure the song is presented in the most entertaining way we can
make possible (for instance, creating intros or starting the song with a chorus or a thousand other ways to mount a song) As far a examples, I have done work on EVERY song I have recorded
as a producer. One story comes to mind. When I was working with Dexter on the Offspring album Americana , Dexter was writing lyrics and he asked me what meaning could he give to the syllables "Walla Walla"? I suggested he write about Walla Walla state prison in Washington State. One more thing ; I NEVER take publishing from the artist. Thanks for a good question!