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These mixes were very easy to do. I kept the arrangements "open" . Actually my idea in mixing was to make the sound more like early Hank Williams with big guitars ! Mike Ness has such a
strong voice.He was easy to place in the mix . There was slight reverb (Lexicon 480 digital reverb with my own program) on the drums . I had a slight harmonizer effect on Mikes' vocals.
I keep the guitars dry. Believe it or not Mike and I argued about the guitar sound until the end.Then he loved it! I wanted the guitars more heavy sounding to add impact . Mike wanted just
a standard Fender "Twang". I was afraid it would sound like a straight country album unless we stuck our necks out (concerning the guitar sound) By the time we got to the second album i did
with them there was no argument about the guitar sound.Oh yea, there was some reverb on Mikes vocals.