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Hey guys,

Korneel/Apotheosis was here just a couple days ago and we briefly discussed the results of last weekend's recording and from the comments I read above, I think the KA100D would have been better for this particular recording, as I get the feeling that Korneel prefers a generous but smooth treble response. The KA100L was probably a bit too "neutral". The room was also not that great apparently.

I have to point out that the 603/604 and KA SD capsules combos don't need a ton of gain, they spec at about -30dBV, so around 10 dBs more sensitivity than the OM1/KM80 range/C451 etc. If you need 50 dBs of gain with a 603/KA100, be ready to max out your preamp's gain range with a KM84.

The MBHO 600 Seires combos have about 4dBs less noise than the OM1, or KM83/84, or other classic and many of todays budget SDC's and is on a par with other modern TLM designs. As I pointed out to Korneel the other day, IMHO, the OM1 is a great proximity Omni, while the MBHO's shine at longer ranges (mid-high sensitivity, low noise, treble emphasis). The OM1 is very, very "Free Field" indeed, it's response is almost a straight line. The MBHO's boost the usual 10K area a bit for the 100L, a bit more with the 100D.

Yes, it's best to order MBHO capsules in matched pairs, but so far the modular series capsules have proven stable over several months. The fixed capsule 400 models can drift a tiny bit over time, but we're talking most likely nothing truly noticeable before years go by, and MBHO will re-match them at no charge.

Since we're on the 400's... The 410 is a good, quiet, sensitive Omni with more treble lift than the KA100L but less than the KA100D. I've been suggesting it to OM1 users who need a quieter, slightly brighter Omni for distance work. It performs well in this application.

Kudos to Marcus for offering manufacturer direct servicing!