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For TV we generally refer to stems being N/D/M/E (N for narration, which would be the first thing changed for a foreign version), although I guess there are also the channels than make up a 5.1 mix as well, at least in network spec parlance. Otherwise you are correct about people (me) mixing up "stems" and "premixes". I'll try harder to be accurate.

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Philip, I do not mean to chastise at all-
for this to be useful, peoples' experience is whats required- you rock. keep it up!

One thing as well for those who are unfamiliar with Post audio is the notion of track designation within a stem-

Many think only of a 5.1 or printmaster type track layout-

In film work, a stem is typically an 8 channel set of tracks-

for dialog stems it might also be typical to assign multiple tracks to the center-

in your DIA stem you might have something like-

1- DIA L
2- DIA C
3- DIA R
5- ADR L
6- ADR C
7- ADR R
8- PFX C

Any sort of layout is possible really, but this is something a lot of *edited to embarass Tom Hambleton* folks who might pop in would never know.

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