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Old 18th September 2015
Here for the gear

Hi, Marcus here from Germany (I work for MBHO in sales).

Most of our clients use 603's or 604's mic bodies with our omni capsules, and we receive enthusiastic feedback (and many CDs in the mail) about the recordings.

mathieujm, you wrote the mics are "not stable". Feel free to explain what you mean. MBHO mics are entirely handmade in Germany by Mr. Haun and Mr. Schneider (formerly Schoepps) and we offer a lifelong warranty on our mics to the original owner, which includes re-calibration of capsules etc. in case they are not matched anymore.

Please get in touch either with MBHO directly ([email protected],, or Dan at Dale Pri Audio, NYC, our US distributors) for any questions in case you have pair which is not on sync anymore (if I understand the "unstable" correct?).