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Old 18th September 2015
Definitely nice to see a new perspective. I think Maybe I'll leave the Highpassed guitars and just cut the "Full heavy section" Down 50%. I'll just have to experiment and see what feels right I suppose. I do agree though " Trimming the fat" Is essential when you want an album of material to translate.

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Now we're getting into a much more subjective area, I think - and one where I don't know enough about genre conventions to know what is/isn't the norm. (Not that 'the norm' has to be followed - it's just good to understand when one is/isn't deviating from it.)

Personally, I like the hi-pass guitar, think the contrast works fine, and would be very tempted to leave the arrangement exactly as is, but start it from the 34 second mark (or whichever point around there is the start of a bar, and leaves an even number of bars before the vocal).

That would make the intro: 2 bars hi-passed guitar (or 4, depending on how you're counting the bpm) > Verse.

That is a ruthlessly pared-back intro, but is a real grabber.