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Old 17th September 2015
Here for the gear

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Option 6:

Buy a Rosetta 200 (~600)
Build a couple of CAPI pres (~800)
Take significant other to a nice italian meal and drink a glass of wine (~$100)


That's what I'd do.

Edit: I've found separating out pres and conversion gets me the results I want. You may not want to be tied to the API or UA sound 6 months from now. Rosetta 200 is a steal for what it is. So are CAPI pres, and you can add a nice complementary sound (i.e. a significantly different pre) down the road.
The meal and wine is a nice touch haha yeah I think sooner or later I will want the AD/DA separated from the pres, I see myself collecting some pres. Rosetta 200 sounds good! still a bit confused with the 800 version, not sure if same converter quality but more line in, also considering RME ADI-2. Also not sure how apogee quartet converters compare to the rosetta ones. Any Idea?