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Old 17th September 2015
wow great info. out of curiosity when you say its higher quality isa, did mr. neve had any part of designing this or is that an ams neve design?

any albums tracked/mixed on 88r, any major ones? i can check out online.. i understand its technique, i got good source/mic, just need nice pre, i think i might grab this..

how would you compare this to 511 with silk engage? any similarities or they just different.

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Well, I mean, it's essentially the same preamp as the one in the 88R/88RS boards, in which THAT preamp was an updated version of the preamp in the V/VR/VXS boards.

The sound (not the topology so much) is almost akin to a higher quality Focusrite ISA. It's clear without being clinical (i.e. SSL), in addition to being warm without being too aggressive (i.e. API).

It is a whole different ball game than a 1073/1272-style preamp, but still a fantastic sounding mic amp.

Al Schmitt swears by them, and I've heard some of his more recent records, recorded/mixed on 88R/VR, respectively. Absolutely stunning, and while one can say that it is mostly the technique as opposed to the gear, well, I'm sure a Behringer, shall we say, wouldn't ADD anything to HIS sound. As well as the fact that this is GEAR-slootz.

IMO the Focusrite RED is kind of in between an ISA and a 1272-style preamp. The 511 is, to my ears, a tad bit cleaner than the 88RLB, until you engage 'silk' on the 511.

Just my 2ยข.