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Old 17th September 2015
Why thank you! It's maybe a little out of place in this song, but I do think I made pretty audible screams. The tone and sibilance comes way before just a raw gutteral sound. So at least its more of a voice than just brute scream. Thanks for saying it was well done, even though you don't enjoy that kind of vocal.

The contrast is something I always try to think about constantly when I'm assembling these songs. I'm glad it translates.

What exactly do you think sounds professional? How could I progress with what I've showed you in this song? I still don't think it's quite there and I'm worried about releasing any real EP/ Album until my quality is on par with Pro releases in the same category.

Thank you so much for listening!

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The "death metal" (forgive my ignorance) type singing is not my sort of thing, but I can tell it's done well here. However, I really liked all the other elements of the track. Sounds very professional too.

I do like the contrast of the soft, calming layered vocals against the angry vocal though, but like I say, that style just not my thing.

Great work.