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how do you like this preamp? on vocals? since there is a lot of competition in the 500 series and the they are priced competitively RND 511, Focusrite red 1, etc etc. is it worth paying more for this pre?

is it a more modern sound? would love to hear some samples. does it sound identical to the big brother console. any major records that tracked/mixed on 88r, that i can check out? im sure there is a lot out there.

im looking to buy a killer preamp for the 500 series.
about a year ago, I was looking at the exact same preamp, and ended up getting an RND 511, I definitely don't regret it one bit, it even makes cheap and nasty mics sound sweet, put a great mic through it and it sounds better than the source, it's an amazing preamp, plus having a really useful HPF and silk is the icing on the cake, it never sounds harsh.