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The studio I worked for in the mid 80's was owned by a film/TV Director called Tony Palmer. His forte and reputation was built on making films about music and composers (his credits are on IMDB). He had a cleaner called Mrs Thompson who's ability to be unbelievably forthright and vulgar was in inverse proportion to her height. She was 4'9" tall. On day 1 of Al Pacino doing his ADR with us Hugh Hudson asked if we had a U- Matic as he wanted to show Pacino some cut material. The only machine we had was in Tony's bedroom/office and nobody apart from Mrs Thompson was allowed in there. I worked there for 4 years and never saw the room. I called Tony and asked him to come into the studio where I introduced him to Hugh and Pacino. He was thrilled and was at this charming best with them. Hugh asked if he could run the U-Matic and Tony said to follow him to where he had the U-Matic in his office/bedroom. Later that afternoon another U-Matic tape was delivered. In the meantime Tony Palmer had gone out on business and wouldn't be back until the following morning. On the morning of the 2nd day of ADR Tony comes flying into the studio and starts to apologise to Hugh and Pacino. "I'm so sorry....etc etc". I had no idea what he was apologising for.
On the afternoon of day 1 when the 2nd U-Matic tape was delivered they both to Tony's room to run it. Mrs Thompson went into the room, sees 2 people she's never seen before and who shouldn't be in the room, and tells them to get out. Hugh starts to explain but Mrs T is having none of it. She starts to drag Pacino off Tony's bed and tells them both to "**** off out of Mr Palmer's room".
Hugh later explained that as Mrs T grabbed Pacino he thought he'd let her know just who it was that she was manhandling. "That's Al Pacino" but again she was totally unbothered.
When Tony returned the following day Mrs T recounted the whole incident to him. She explained that there were 2 men in his room and that she had thrown them out. "Oh, you know the bloke I grabbed hold of. You did a film about him. Puccini".

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