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First off thank you for listening and commenting! I agree on a lot of these points! I'm going to experiment with shortening the intro. Do you feel like It's
a good idea to keep my "Lead In" Guitar riff before the full heavy section comes on? I'm unsure of whether or not I like abruptly jumping into the heavy section of the track.

(Remove Intro gutiar lead) Heavy 4Bars> 1 Measure Drum Fill >(Remove Hipassed Guitar intro) First Verse?

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A second vote for shortening the intro. Personally, I'd start it around the 32 second mark - 4 bars of filtered guitar, drum fill, and BAM, you're in! For the most part, unless there is an actual hook that lasts 8 bars (ie not a 4 bar phrase that repeats) you get a lot more mileage by paring the intro right down - to the point where it's worth seeing just how SHORT you can make it, and still make your point.

From an attention holding standpoint, since the backing for the intro usually reappears again under the chorus (depending on the intro), it'll already be familiar - which is good - but won't be overly familiar. (If the intro is the verse chords, then you really do want to just rip though them once and start the song, or risk the listener getting bored before the chorus ever comes.)

Also, repetition is expected (and delivered) throughout the song, so by not conforming to that expectation with the intro, the entrance of the vocals is much more of an attention grabber.

It's not hard and fast, but it's usually a really easy win: already have a good 8 bar intro? Want to make it twice as effective? Simple: make it half as long!

(This is a very hard-nosed, brutally commercial approach to the art of song writing, and of course some genres, or for live shows, the audience would love a 64 bar intro!)