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Some of you might not relate to the subject, please just skip it.
Also names with be withheld.

You should know that I live and work in Toronto, Canada.
And...the local NHL franchise, the Maple Leafs had a rare conference final run in the 1993 ( IIRC) playoffs. That is of course a truly historical event, because they suck...plainly put. I'm not a fan.
However, there are more than plenty around here and to celebrate the occasion a monster media even was launched in support.
A local newspaper and TV station sponsored it and ran a contest for a cheering song to be played everywhere, sold on cassettes and used for fundraising.

Our studio ( well established professional downtown room/advertising, music and video post ) donated time to record the winning song, performed by a famous Canadian country/folk group .
Three guys ( brothers ?), sing and mostly play stringed instruments, some other musicians ...and the Leaf's coach ( nice man, sadly passed away ) "playing" an acoustic gtr just for the shoot.

I was assigned to engineer the session, given three hours unpaid for the good cause.
Arrives the winner dude, the band and sports reporters.
Session went fine, taped on 24 track 2".
Then more media, cameras, catering and the Coach with his gtr.
I set him up in the gobo and everyone really wanted him to be recorded on the track.
Mic set, level set cans OK...he starts to play.

I'm fairly outspoken and never let mediocre stuff go I said;
can one of the musicians help him to tune up ?
That was the first time many of the now fairly large number of attendees
directed strange looks to me.
He was a beloved sports hero after all.

All went down, quick mix, cameras rolling, posters and champagne everywhere.
As everyone is leaving the sponsor heads and the coach asking me if I would want a some swag and ( a very much sought after ) Leafs ticket in the VIP box.

Then I said :
"sure, thanx . Appreciate the cups and T-shirts.. I only take the Hockey tickets if the St.Louis Blues are playing.

The reaction in the entire room was shocking. Silence..cameras unplugged, people leaving.

True story, that I'll never forget.
BTW..I'm a hardcore Blues fan