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I was booked to record a TV commercial voice over with a very successful (muti platinum selling/stadium touring) German pop singer to promote her new album. I had never worked with her before.
After we had finished she asked if there was anything more I needed to record.
I said that I was fine with the takes I had and that I would not mind leaving early that day because it was my daughter's birthday.
She asked for her name, and quickly jumped back to the microphone saying "Hit record Ollie, this is for your daughter...." Then she started singing a quick version of happy birthday exclusively for her.
Totally forgot about my similar experience, I had the Dutch "Bob the Builder" for a VO. When I told him my four year old was a big fan, he improvised something using my sons name a lot. He did about 4 other voices on that show and switched seamlessly. The look on my sons face when i played it to him ;-)