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This sounds really good on my system. I'm not much for criticism. But I will share a thought or two that are not really my thoughts, but stuff I've heard tossed around over the years. In a internet listening environment you have only a few seconds to get and keep the listeners attention. Make intros as short as possible. In this piece if you cut it from :17-:27 you would have the same effect but would get to your vocal 10 seconds sooner. There is also general consensus that listeners relate to being a human thing I guess. So if you're not doing electronic music, I figure it's a opinion worth considering. If a writer agrees with the assumption, then there is value in getting to the vocal as soon as possible. Also I have a hard time finding the hook that I can latch onto. Most songs have a repetitive phrase or phrases...I think you can build in all kinds of subtle hooks both instrumentally and vocally that help the listener stay with your song. But I also think rules are meant to be broken and if you realized your vision in finishing this, then you have been successful. There were some nice dynamic changes...another technique that I'm fond of. Bottom line is I listened all the way through. And I really liked it. So as far as I go, maintaining interest for the listener, you were successful.
Wow! That put a huge smile on my face! Thanks for taking the time to write that after listening as well! I thought the song sounded pretty decently mixed and things seem to have their own home. The volume is pretty much identical to commercial. I feel like my stereo field could open up when I compare to some of my favorite commercial mixes.

Ya know I tinkered a lot with that Idea of cutting straight into the first verse, But I had a song I really liked that went right before this on the record I'm building. So once I was out of the first tune and into the second, I really liked that instrumental Chorus (First riff of the song I posted here.) But from an entirely different perspective, MOST if not all people wouldn't be hearing that song connected. Gives me a lot to think about.

I definitely try and have as few repeated elements as possible. I like to keep things evolving and keep things as fresh as I can. That being said, Hooks and reiterations of certain musicalities can make all the difference. I think there is a middle ground I need to keep pushing for. I can make the dynamic shifts and contrast even more intense, so that maybe the choruses could get a little more "Mainstream?"

Thanks again, I'm really glad I was able to keep you engaged for the length of the song.