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Old 15th September 2015
Here for the gear

RME babyface + API A2D VS Apogee Quartet Vs other options


I have about $2000 to spend, and still deciding what should be next on the list or a good option(At the moment I mostly record personal projects guitar, bass, vocals, some drums, etc and). So I've been recording with the babyface and has worked well, but starting to "need" more channels for drums and to have more flavors(pres / mics)

Actual gear:
  • Interface: RME Babyface
  • Monitors: HS80m
  • Mics: AKG414 XLii, sm57 & sm58 beta
  • Room already treated
  • Instruments

I'm thinking at least 4 pres to record drums(will consider other mics for that), some options that I've considered:

Option 1:
Buy an API A2D(could be used) and connected it via SPDIF (have to buy a converter coax/toslink I guess since babyface has ADAT)
$1800 aprox

Option 2:
Sell the RME babyface(for about $500) and get an Apogee Quartet (then I would only think on pres, without needing them to have AD)
$1000 aprox (if I sell the babyface)

Option 3:
Buy an Universal Audio 4-710d (+4 pres & + line inputs)
$1700 aprox used

Option 4:
Buy a lunch box and a pair of API 512c(but still stuck with two pres)
$2000 aprox

Option 5:
Consider other pres with adat like Audient ASP880, etc but don't think I would give to much use to all 10 pres
$1400 aprox

Overall I'm almost between Quartet vs A2D, feel a quartet is good option that will solve several things(more monitor options, more line in/pres, exc AD/DA, etc), but I also feel that two API pres will suite well and will solve at the moment the need of four, also think those pres keep their value more than this new interfaces that every four years are changing. So I could keep buying those 2 channel with adat interfaces overtime, and collecting some pres. but still not sure which way to go.

I would appreciate any other suggestion/feedback.