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Congrats on your new place and on some of the best monitors available. I agree with Trev, With what you already invested it would be counter productive imho to get anything less than the ATC sub.

With that said, while I've never used the the ATC sub, in general I've found subs to sound somewhat disconnected, compromising coherency. I frankly don't like them for critical monitoring. Maybe you could try repositioning the 100s to provide more noticeable bass. I would never consider the ATC 100s bass shy but highly accurate down to the rated 32Hz.

Originally Posted by eitanreiter3 View Post
Hi . My Name is Eitan Reiter , and this is the 1st time I ask a question here on the Forum . I must say that over the years this forum has helped me a LOT ! so deep thanks to everyone who participate

I have just finished building my new studio (about 7 on 6 meters)
and I am using ATC 100 ( SCM100ASL Pro ) Speakers which for my needs are amazing

My problem is I still need a SUB to really hear everything the way I want to .
the room is treated pretty well acoustically and all my mixes turn out ok , yet I noticed that I actually hear less bass than there really is , so when I mix I always need to take that in consideration .

I contacted ATC and they say their 15 inch subwoofer (ATC SCM 0.1 -15) is the one that would fit . its just to expensive for me at the moment

I was thinking of 2 options that I can buy second hand at the moment

They are both 12 inch . .. should that be enough for a 7 by 6 room with ATC 100 ?

1 - Genelec 7070
2 - b&w asw 825 - and I can get that one for almost HALF of the Genelc price

Can anyone share their experiences with any of these ?

Here are photos of my room , incase that helps

Thank you !