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Old 14th September 2015
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It's not hype, they make good quality mics that have a clear, detailed sound. Can't speak directly to your request though.

I like PR20 on snare, but have been favoring KM84s and an old AKG dynamic lately. PR30 is also cool, I haven't used it in a while (have lots of options at tracking) but have liked it on chugging half stacks, bass cabs, floor tom (I think, going back almost a decade) and bass drum in the past. In general, their mics perhaps sound slightly "harder" than the vintage stuff, but that's more of an impression than anything else.

Whether it will work for you is hard to say. I've been favoring KSM44s and Blue Dragonflies on toms the last few years. But I've been doing more and more Alt Country/Americana, so less cymbal bashing is happening.

For new dynamic microphones I would also recommend looking at the Beyer stuff.