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Old 14th September 2015
Here for the gear

Hi , So . . .
in the last 2 days I have been doing some tests . thanks to all of you I have decided to check everything that was talked about here

As Roland and Kosty Suggested ,

I have switched the left and the right speaker . . immediately there was more focus !
I than placed them each closer to each other and even a bit colser to where I set and away from the wall . . . helped a lot ! it did not work so well

and as Trev suggested - took some heavy absorption for the back of the room . there is almost NO boost there now

DirkB- I belive i had a lot of luck with the room , everything from 50 and up is really accurate . but I have decided to invest my money on a professional to do my acoustic . only thing is that in my country there are not that many good ones

now I actually have more bass . . except for a dip around the 60 . but to solve that I would really need a pro

What I think is left is to get a smaller desk . . I have a feeling that will help , cause I feel that HUGE peace of wood I have between the speakers and myself is not helping much . going to look into "Argosy halo " btw
and to than bring in a Pro to complete the room

once the room is done , I can carry with it another year and save up for the ATC sub .

Thanks everyone . this was very helpfull !