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Originally Posted by Mr Funk View Post
Pronunciation is clear enough. What do you want to do differently the second time round? It does sound professional as it is.
I agree with both sentiments. In fact, the accent, for the most part (and this is subjective) actually ADDs to the interest (in much the same way as the perfect enunciation of Ah Ha and Alphaville were nonetheless enhanced by the slightly exotic/non-English timbre).

BUT with ONE exception, and it's an important one: the word 'Mirror'. Honestly, were it not for the (written) title of the song, I might have struggled to understand the lyric at all.

Your pronunciation (and I don't know how to write phonetics) is akin to: "mir OAR". In English-English it's more like: "MI ruh" and in US-English ... Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror' is as good a place as any to start with.

Seriously, dude - the accent is working In Your Favour just about everywhere else in the song, and is great for the production. Just fix that one word, and you're 100% good to go!

(If you want to tweak further, the vowel sounds in 'why' and 'just' in "why can't you just be close to me" could be either toned down, or turned down a little; they're both close to 'A' sounds at the moment "WHA can't you JAST", and should be a little less open. It's a bit chicken-and-egg - the volume issue is a result of the pronunciation issue. Possibly if you ducked the volume on the second half of each word, the 'A'-ish vowel sound would cease to be an issue, because it wouldn't be so loud.)

So, in summary:
(i) Keep the vocalist.
(ii) Practise and re-record the word 'Mirror'.

Hope that helps.