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Time Won't Slow Down

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well!

Firstly, I uploaded my very first song 'Are You Proud of Me?' recently on this forum and I was overwhelmed by the response to it. Thank you all so much for listening to it and giving me great feedback. I have decided to upload another song today called 'Time Won't Slow Down'. I rerecorded it recently and am happy with how it is sounding at the moment. Any feedback is very much appreciated!

'Time Won't Slow Down':

'Time Won't Slow Down' is a relatively new song with a very personal story to it which I have explained below:

The inspiration for this song is my grandmother who has been suffering with Alzheimer's disease for the past 5/6 years. I have seen her turn from a highly active and energetic woman to a very old lady in this short space of time and it has made me realise how important it is to cherish every moment you have because you don't know when it will change irreversibly forever.

I have chosen to intertwine the story of her life with that of a tree in this song as she represents the solid tree-like backbone of our family but like every living thing, has a limited amount of time to live. The final verse are an adapted version of words I imagine she would say to all of us if she was still able...

Here are the lyrics:

It is the start,
You're at day one,
Go light a fire,
You've just begun,
The leaves they grow,
Towards the sun.

The sun it shines,
From way up high,
There is no cloud,
In the blue sky,
Your mind is clear,
No wonder why.

The leaves they make,
A sea of green,
You don't think of,
What might have been,
You can recall,
All you have seen.

So many ways,
Your leaves will grow,
There seems no end,
To what you'll know,
And know limit,
To where you'll go.

The shadow creeps,
Across your view,
You welcome it,
As something new,
But you don't know,
What it will do.

The leaves they fall,
Your mind slows down,
They spread themselves,
All the way round,
You try to pick,
Them from the ground.

The sky turns dark,
The tree turns old,
Your mind is weak,
It's turning old,
Your time is short,
Your hand they hold.

The days go by,
So take it in,
Time wont slow down,
Once it begins,
So make the most,
Of what's within.

Thank you