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Hi zak7,

Well, I like the hammer's high band to add a bit of 10 or 15k to add some air and open things up a bit, maybe 2db or so max. Occassionally I'll use the mid band a bit as well if I'm trying to gently sculpt the mids overall, but nothing too extreme.

The Curve Bender is a more recent purhase for me as well, so bear that in mind. I'm still getting to know it, but it's a completely different tool. Obviously very suited to mastering as well, huge versatility. Capable of more extreme transformation and enhancement of a source or mix across the spectrum, whereas the Hammer is a more of a gentle sweetener, especially for the top end.

Different tools, different price points. Both are awesome, but if I was buying only one or the other, it would be the Curve Bender. It really just depends on budget, and what you want to achive as well. If you don't need everything the Curve Bender offers and just need something for 2 bus, then maybe Hammer and the BAX is perfectly suitable for your needs?

In terms of low end tightness, that's not the Hammer's strong point, so the Curve Bender is much more suitable for low end adjustments.
Also... the Curve Bender has both .5 db and roughly 1.5db steps for cut and boost at the flip of the 1x / 1.5x multiply switch. .5 db steps for mastering or bus duties = 1x mode. You can do some serious carving in 1.5x mode.

Another great feature is being able to bypass individual bands and or toggle bypass a band without moving the frequency selector for the specific band.