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Well, there is an easy way to understand the compression.
First of all you should try your best to have your ears prepared for the session.
Whether it will be meditation, workout, coffee, not doing subway or listening to music, smoking weed, whatever works for you.
Then, when you get your ears ready -- just load a bunch of different stems. Drums, plucks, pads, leads.
Now load several compressors. Set up different settings. Bypass them all, and start turning them on/off. Notice the changes in the sound. When you feel you start feeling like compressor, thinking like compressor, you can proudly say u became a compressor.
Thanks for the hints bro. I'm good on compression, though I do see some on this thread that appear to not have a lot of time in the game making it sound like compression is a very simple thing. It is simple to hear the effects of a compressor but I think using it in a musical way and understanding what to compress and when to compress it are things that actually take a little bit of stick time to become well versed at (although some may learn faster than other). The first thing most new comers want to do with a compressor is put it on everything and squeeze the life out of their mixes because they want to use it for volume and gain control. That's what automation is for. If you use automation for those types of things your mixes are going to have a lot more energy.