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Software AAX-DSP? Yes! A kickstarter project you can support if you use DSP.

Hi, I'm Quinto from - Hardware and Software Products for Audio, we develop software and hardware for audio world.

We recently were tempted to jump into AAX-DSP development. It is a fantastic system, it is relatively simple to do while porting the code to AAX, it is the right time to do it.

The startup is quite a serious effort for a small company, a good hardware system from AVID is needed for testing, a development system from Texas Instruments for coding and debugging, time and energy to acquire the right, specific experience are stolen from other activities. But we have a solid background.

We don't know if DSP world is waiting for us, so we got the idea to try crowd-funding.
If you are interested in seeing one small, strongly motivated company come to DSP world you can do it. Rewards are great, they are the licenses for the first products!

It is a small project but will let us in a new state, with hardware, experience and know how to extend all our offering (present and future) available for this fantastic system.

Here is the project on

Audio world is connected, word of mouth is what can make it happen.

For any question: write here or to quintosardo at yahoo dot it.

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