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Here for the gear

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One other thought. You can get a Digi 002R interface with the Black Lion Audio Signature modification for crazy cheap right now on eBay for about $600. It will be better than most options at any price and is still compatible with Protools even though it is old, which is why people are dumping them. It will compare well with several thousand dollars of outboard and have more than enough ins and outs for you purposes. You may still want to get a serious preamp for the particular qualities it offers, but you won't need to.
How does the MBox 3 Pro compare with a BLA Signature Digi 002r Mod? Any pros and cons of either unit e.g. sonic quality, reliability, when upgrading/adding hardware, software/driver compatibility?

P.S. Using a MacBook Pro (Mid-2012), Pro Tools, no other equipment apart from an SE z3300a mic, keyboard and HS50M monitors (no pres/converters etc.). Looking to upgrade to pro level like my MC buddy (from an MBox 2).