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It surprises and amazes me how little of a role resale value plays in discussions what mic to buy. As if we are all millionaires, and how a mic will keep its value over time is irrelevant.

When I consult with customers about appropriate mic choices, I make sure they pay equal attention to a mic's financial value over time: If the new mic does not work out as a recording tool, how much of my initial investment will I get back if I have to sell? How much will I lose as a price for my mistake?

Unlike most consumer items, microphones, if well chosen, will lose little if any value over time.
I recommend to look at the (used) market price of the mic candidate in question, especially its used price, compared to what it would cost new. Completed eBay auctions is a good standard to gauge the real market value of a mic, rather than asking prices on eBay or mic dealers' price ideas.

There's a lot of information about the reputation and intrinsic, usable value of a mic in such new vs. used price comparison: A mic that drops 40% soon after it hits the used market obviously was unrealistically priced by the seller or manufacturer. Such loss of value points to too many unhappy sellers- the price quickly adjusts downward because of (higher) supply and (lower) demand.

On the other hand, a mic which holds its value once it's used, gives a strong indication about its usefulness as a recording tool, simply by the fact that it does not drop in price despite its used condition (high demand + long ownership retention = low supply = high price).

Contrary to common belief, even a rare or vintage mic will not retain its value if its usefulness as a recording tool is not widely appreciated(AKG C61 anyone?).

I agree with Klaus. If you buy a good clean used 87ai by shopping carefully on ebay you will lose little or nothing should you decide to re-sell it. But you have to shop smart, buy smart and do your homework.