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Good point. Would you recommend any 251 clones?
I highly recommend the Pearlman TM 250. it's card & omni and designed to
replicate the Telefunken 250 with Dave's excellent hand build including a Tim Campbell capsule. In case you don't already know, the diff between the 250 and 251 is the inclusion of a figure 8 pattern on the 251. So if you can live without figure 8, the 250 is a great option. The Pearlman is a wonderful mic and Dave is one of the best people you'll ever deal with, for any reason you may find to contact him.

Also, when Tab Funkenwerk finally gets around to selling the UM25C again that would make an excellent option. They are supposedly ramping up again, after Oliver's passing, to bring mics to the market again sometime soon. With the UM25C you get the full 251 compliment of patterns, plus the Tim Campbell capsule. I saw a UM25 (without the TC Cap) go on Ebay a couple of months ago for $1700 btw.

And there's the Peluso 22-251...another great option in the 251 family.
Like all Pelusos it's hand built, uses some outsourced parts, but is a really good mic for the money. In a home project scenario it would be an excellent choice.