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Mixer/Interface upgrade. What to buy?

Hi all,

We need to upgrade to a recording interface with at least 16 mic pre amps.

We have been using a Mackie 1620i and are pretty happy with it.

Our DAW is an older Mac Tower with Pro Tools. It has USB 2.0.

I have done some research on interfaces and mixers for recording and its hard to cut through all the products. We are thinking about a Mackie 1640i, its well priced and the Onyx pre amp sounds okay, but there are some downsides to Mackie Products, mainly support. We like the fact that the 1640 can send all tracks back to the mixer so you can do an analog mix.

Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

We are recording Avant Jazz, our latest project has more effects, horns with pedals and a vocalist.

Mike and Billie

Female Jazz Drummer, Composer and Bandleader BILLIE DAVIES.