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Old 1st September 2015
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Mackie Pro Contoller and Expander still make my work flow great

Have been using a Mackie Pro Controller and Expander now for 10 years. Never had a problem with them. I recently decided on getting another Expander when combined will give me 24 faders with scribble strips. I have not found anything out there that can't beat it in its price category. All the dedicated buttons you can assign for creating audio, midi, group tracks, cut, paste, close, and exit. The list is almost endless. Not to mention the solid transport controls and jog wheel.

The only competition is the Artist series by Avid. I know the old units by Euphonix had cracked screen issues but was told the Avid black versions were improved. For find adjusts on the volume, I use my mouse with the alt key on my keyboard.

Has anyone found the Artist series better than the Mackie. They do seem a little small and less impressive but perhaps with a smaller work service they are better?