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Old 30th August 2015
Lives for gear

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Much appreciated. All the members are multi-instrumentalists (one of them being my assistant engineer, and the other a girl who started out as a client but became a really good friend) and the idea behind the band is to just experiment with everything we've always wanted to do.

@ Unclenny , that guitar in the beginning is my attempt at getting something like a resonator kinda sound as pure acoustic slide just felt too bland and "pretty". Truth be told, I really wanted a real reso to track this with but I couldn't get my hands on one (a situation I'm going to remedy as soon as I can), so I used my brightest acoustic guitar, mic'd it like I would do with a reso, worked my playing style a it and gave it a spot of EQ and some funky-sounding resonance with a convolution reverb. I actually dig what came out of the experiment.

Here's a much more poppy track if you're interested: